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New Startups

The last few years, especially since 2008, has seen a dramatic increase in the self-employed. New start up businesses account for the majority of new accounts opened with the high street banks.

New Startups - With self-employment, comes certain responsibilities and requirements.

With self-employment, as a sole trader, partnership or even through your own small limited company, comes certain responsibilities and requirements.

Many people new to business need some hand holding through the “system” and Nathans are there to help.

The pressure on new businesses is huge as while trying to attract business and do the work, there is the need to keep books, deal with the authorities, the bank, customers, suppliers and paperwork.

Nathans can help deal with the mountain of forms and paperwork, supply information to the bank, to HMRC, advise on the best trading vehicle for your business and even help obtain finance, if needed.

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    Incorporations / Disincorporations - Business owners need to be aware of the different trading vehicles available to them.