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  • Withdrawal of entrepreneurs relief

    15 June 2015
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    Withdrawal of Entrepreneurs Relief

    Businesses can be said to have a life cycle. During that lifecycle they change and will have different needs. It may be expansion, contraction, diversification or concentration.

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  • Auto enrolment

    28 May 2015
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    Auto Enrolment

    This is the name given to the Government initiative to implement and run a workplace pension for all employees. It was introduced by central government because as many as 7 million people are under-saving for their retirement, people are living longer, are healthier and this is going to create a funding crisis.

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  • Accounting and financial reporting

    6 May 2015
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    Accounting & Financial Reporting

    Are you ready for the biggest shake up in the accountancy world for years?

    Do you know of the changes that are now upon us and that the UK Generally Accepted Accounting Principles you have known for years are no more? RIP UK GAAP!

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