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Tax & Compliance

Many business owners and self assessment individuals dread the onset of January and the filing deadline. But with Nathans, “tax need not be taxing”, as HMRC say. If you are in business or are required to submit a self assessment tax return then you will know the important dates of 31 January (submission of tax return and tax payment) and 31 July tax payment).

Nathans can take away the worry of preparing and submitting your tax returns and help:

  1. Prepare and submit self assessment tax returns
  2. Prepare and submit corporation tax returns
  3. Prepare and submit partnership tax returns
  4. Deal with HMRC correspondence and queries
  5. Remind you of when payments are due
  6. Determine your tax exposure
  7. Ensure you claim all allowable expenses

Corporation Tax

Corporation tax is the tax suffered by companies on their profits. The company must be within the scope of corporation tax, that is, carrying out a business activity that produces income or chargeable gains and it is either a UK resident or a Non UK resident but carrying on a UK trade through a permanent establishment.



If you are a business employing staff then payroll is an important part of that employment and the paying of employees.


Income Tax & Self Assessment

Income tax is payable in respect of taxable income arising in a tax year, the year ending 5th April. Self-assessment is exactly that, the individual should assess their income, deductions, allowances and determine if they consider it necessary to submit a tax return and pay any relevant income tax.


Tax Planning

Tax avoidance and evasion are important buzz words and you need to know the difference.



VAT is a transaction tax applied by VAT registered businesses to VATable transactions.


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